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Cash Money Matters Academy

Connecticut Fin Lit Boot Camp

Personalized Financial Success Roadmap For Teens To Fund Their Dreams


Parents deserve financial peace of mind when their teen leaves home

Financial Literacy Is Your Teen's Birthright!

4 Most Important Things Teens Will Remember -- Earn, Save, Invest & Spend Wisely

Good Things Happen When Teens Have Money Skills

Do you want your teen to retire a millionaire?

Do you want better for your teen?

A concise list of the most 7 valuable skills teens need to have a life of financial well-being, and avoid life-long money struggles, with an emphasis on a path to millionaire status.

We trained teens to be comfortable with making good money decisions before they leave home.

Teens learn how to build a solid financial foundation, before building a lifestyle.

Skill One

Financial Psychology/Money Management

Learn how to enjoy life & plan for a secure future.

Learn why your psychology is why you fail at achieving your life's goals.

Control Your Cash Flow & Mindset

Skill Two

Credit Management

Learn how good credit can save you tens - even hundreds - of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.  Gain skills to qualify for and obtain the highest amount of credit at the best terms.

Use Credit

Wisely to Your Advantage & Not to the Advantage of the Creditor

Skill Three

Borrowing & Debt


Get long-term financial

planning skills that proactively prepare you for a secure, happy, worry-free future.

Understand Sources​ of Debt

Use - Don't Abuse

Skill Four

Earning Power

Know the steps to entering your dream career and starting your own successful business.  Explore how higher education and professional development helps you pursue your passions and reach your financial goals.

Is More Than a Paycheck

Skill Five

Savings & Investing

Discover how saving & investing money help you achieve your desired lifestyle.

Your Money Working for You & a Plan to retire a Millionaire.

Skill Six

Insurance/Risk Management

Learn how effective risk management gives you peace of mind.

Protect What You Have - You Work Hard for Your Stuff

Skill Seven

Financial Services

Build a solid account management system that organizes your finances and prepares you to invest in the future.

Care for Your Cash

Our Academy Develops Financially Competent Teens

Our Teens Are Future Millionaires and Don't Even Know It!

7  Proven Step-by-Step Lessons for Teens To Train How To Fund Their Dreams! 

Financial Literacy Is A Birthright!

Financial Literacy Is Your Birthright!

Financial Literacy is a Teen's Birthright!

"Change their mindset about money and change their life!"

When Teens make smart financial decisions, they know how to fund their dreams and benefit for the rest of their lives!

After attending Bootcamp, your teen:

  • will know the role money plays in their life for financial success
  • will be prepared for real-life financial challenges
  • will leave home financially capable to make sound financial  decisions & have a saver's identity

Teens Have To Know How To Crush It & Avoid Money Pitfalls - Contact Us Today!

Pilot Program CT Organizations Only*
Fin Lit Bootcamp Pilot Program with little to no cost to your organization to gather case study data demonstrating financial literacy education improves teens' financial well-being
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Financial Education

Future Self-Sufficient, Thriving Young Adults

Financial Wellness

"We focus on improving financial behavior and attitudes before adulthood"

Financial behaviors, sentiment, knowledge, and money management systems start forming in early childhood and often form into habits by the time a person reaches adulthood.  Once habits are formed, they are difficult to break. Then one's financial situation becomes hard to change. - NFEC

Money Lessons

"We teach real-life, relatable, step-by-step lessons for easier retention and immediate action towards positive financial behavior"

The majority of young people enter the real world without learning about money and lack the financial basic systems they need to get on the right foot financially.  Do you want this to be your teen?

40% of Americans making $100K live paycheck to paycheck -- don't let this be your teen!

Most teens will never receive a high-quality financial education

Cash Money Matters Academy offers a stand-alone course for organizations & direct to your home